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"Be careful how you judge "Trifles"...what initially feels foolish could, prove to be powerful, and what is frustrating may later gel into something intriguing."
- The New York Times

"The Theatre of a Two-Headed Calf, have turned [Glaspell's] masterpiece into a nonsingers' mini-opera, something spare and strange and very, very new
...a thrilling project."

- Time Out NY

*Photo by Michael De Angelis

by Susan Glaspell (1916)

January 28--February 14, 2010

Ontological-Hysteric Theater, NYC

Performed By
Becca Blackwell
Laryssa Husiak
Danny Manley
Caitlin McDonough-Thayer
Mike Mikos

Music Performed By

Brooke O'Harra

Assistant Director
Barbara Lanciers

Brendan Connelly

Michael De Angelis
Peter Ksander
Kirby Mages
Justin Townsend