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Season 1

Episode 1: “Welcome to Sappho”
Written by: Jess Barbagallo
Robbie is kidnapped by a troubled married couple on her way into North Hampton to meet with a Zapatista coffee grower, Ellie has her hands full trying to stop Bailey Donovan from fooling around with underage Francesca, Jane reveals a crush on Officer Jill, and Bea discovers that her daughter Dire has been “knocking boots” with Lacey in the storage closet of Cream.

Episode 2:
Written by: Laryssa Husiak
Robbie suffers from symptoms of post-traumatic stress after being kidnapped by a deranged straight couple, Bailey mourns the loss of Francesca to boarding school, Lacey and Dire have a “relationship talk,” and Jane becomes jealous when Janine makes advances towards Jill – advances which the good-natured cop seemed all too willing to accept.

Episode 3:
Written by: Laura Berlin Stinger
Lacey becomes suspicious that Dire is attempting to rekindle the flame with Ellie, Bailey develops a crush on new-comer Cadie, Julie introduces herself to the gals at Cream, Grace makes a surprise visit to the coffee shop, and Jane – still smarting from Jill’s rejection –finds herself making eyes at Portia.

Episode 4:
Written by: Jess Barbagallo
The Bearded Goat, a local organic dairy farm owned and operated by transmen, is served an eviction notice by councilwoman Brandy Rogers – triggering a chain reaction of surprising events. Dire is thrown into the slammer for assaulting Rogers, causing Lacey to make a last-minute appeal to the hardened councilwoman, Grace and Bea decide to throw a bake sale with the help of Cadie and Portia to raise funds to buy back the farm, Bailey befriends Willow, and Julie Jaspers reveals her feelings for Oak.

Episode 5
Written by: The Dyke Division
Lacey attempts to cast a love spell on Dire with the help of Grace, but her plans backfire when Dire falls for Julie, Cadie’s film is abruptly shut down, leading to a fall-out with Portia, Robbie re-emerges a changed woman from her time in the woods, Bailey and Willow go shopping for soft packs, Jill finally confesses her secret love for Jane and a mysterious stranger arrives at Cream after finding Bea unconscious on the side of the road.

Episode 6: “Arisen”
Written by: Brooke O’Harra
Ellie is shaken when lost love Tahira re-surfaces as a man, Dire and Lacey tend to Bea as she recovers from her attack, Robbie and biker pal “Dad” do a little interior decorating of the SM variety, Bailey and Willow go cruising for tricks and stumble into a mysterious night owl named Esmerelda, and Jane and Jill finally consummate their love. Tragically, the union is cut short when Bailey finds Jill – bloody and dead on the outskirts of town.

Episode 7: “Chained and Bound to You”
Written by: Brendan Connelly
The Cream crew mourns the recently slain Jill, Jane steals her deceased lover’s ashes and meets a mystic who might be able to make contact with the dead, Robbie, “Dad” and Dire drunkenly plot to capture Jill’s murderer, Bailey goes out looking for a trick and gets more than she bargained for, Julie attempts to seduce Lacey by tying herself up to an XP8000 Vertical Rackmeister at Progressive Pussies, and Ellie is thrown into even greater turmoil by Tahira’s cryptic warnings of the evil which threatens to consume Sappho.

Episode 8:
Written by: Laura Berlin Stinger
Robbie’s drinking problem causes more trouble at home with Ellie who is becoming increasingly distracted by Tahira, Grace receives a phone call from a mysterious woman from her past, Lacey catches Dire and Cadie in a compromised position, a distraught Cadie takes off into the woods only to be entrapped by a sexy vampire known as the Mother who convinces her to kidnap Bailey as ransom for Jill’s ashes which Jane still desperately clings to.

Episode 9: “My Finger on Your Trigger”
Written by: Jess Barbagallo
The gang heads off to the woods in hopes of finding Bailey who has been kidnapped by vampires, Tahira reveals to Ellie that she suffers from acute respiratory distress disorder, and Jane goes to a nunnery in search of spiritual guidance. Unbeknownst to her rescue party, Bailey is actually being hel captive by the Mother – the head vampire – back at Cream where she learns why the Mother killed Jill, and just when it looks like Bailey might become her next victim, FBI agent Steph makes her move, saves the day and reveals herself to be Grace’s long-lost adopted daughter.

Episode 10: “Here Pussy, Pussy”
Written by: Laryssa Husiak and Brooke O’Harra
To celebrate a return to normalcy in Sappho, Robbie decides to host an open mic night at Cream, Dire confesses that she misses her mother, Bea, who is still away on silent retreat with Cadie, Grace and “Dad” surprise the gang by revealing their burgeoning love affair, Tahira becomes well enough to leave Ellie and return to Pakistan, Jane makes some new friends at the nunnery, becoming particularly close with the Mother Superior, Lacey begins to dabble in drug use to Julie’s chagrin, and Bailey is re-united with Francesca, who has finally returned from boarding school.

Episode 11: “Field of Queers”
Written by: Jess Barbagallo
What starts out as simple softball game at Grace’s farm, becomes a dramatic day for the sisters of Sappho, Ellie becomes nervous when she discovers Robbie plans to pop the big question, Bailey must decide whether or not she still wants to lose her virginity with Francesca after she discovers her younger girlfriend has already done it, Dire intervenes when it appears Lacey’s drug use is spiraling out of control, and the Mother Superior struggles to come to terms with her feelings for Jane.